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FreshersTV is the largest Student TV broadcast in the UK, with stations throughout the UK taking part in an approximately three hour collaborative live broadcast showing the very best of Freshers Week content. This year the broadcast will be on Monday 7th November starting at 6pm. Each station will have a 5 minute slot to showcase the best of their Freshers Week content and any other content they have produced.

Please answer all the questions below to help us make sure that this years broadcast can accommodate as many stations as possible and show off your content in the best possible way. If you require any further information please email Charlie Knights at Stationmanager@Cardiffunion.tv.

If you have any technical issues or enquiries please contact development@la1tv.co.uk.

You can only submit this form once for your stations e-mail address and your station must be affiliated with NaSTA.

Applications close on Monday 24th October.

By providing this information you agree that NaSTA may contact you or your station regarding future NaSTA events and other services!

Station Details

Please enter your name exactly how you want it to appear on the broadcast.
This will be used as your login to the control panel and our primary method of communication.
This will be used to locate your station on a map of all participating stations.

Station Logo

Please upload the highest quality version(s) you have to a file sharing service like "https://mega.co.nz/" or "https://www.dropbox.com/" and provide the full url. If you have it as a photoshop (psd) or illustrator (ai) file this format is preferred.
Please try and send us a version with an alpha channel.
The file formats we accept are "psd", "ai", "jpeg", "jpg", "tiff", "bmp" and "png".
The file must remain accessible for at least 10 days after submitting the application and should not require a login in order for us to access it.

The secondary logo is for another version of your logo which is of a different aspect ratio or design. This is optional.

Your Participation

Please ensure that your VT is between 4:30 and 5 minutes in length. Entries outside of these limits may be refused.

If you are not going to participate live, or you are participating live but would like to submit a VT as a backup, the VT must fit the following requirements:

  • Must use the h.264 codec.
  • Must have a resolution of either 1920x1080, 1080x720 or 1024x576.
  • Must have a frame rate of either 25fps or 50fps.
  • Must be progressive, not interlaced.
  • Must use square pixels.

We will try our best to put every stations' slot within their preferred time however this may not be possible. The ending time of the broadcast will depend on the number of stations taking part.

Stream Details

Please tell us the details of your stream.

We will receive your stream from your RMTP server. If you do not have an RMTP server please leave the "RMTP Server Url" box blank and let us know in the "Extra Information" box.

Please note that the broadcast will be in 720p at around 2 mbps. Resolutions and bit rates that match this will produce the best viewing quality. Resolutions which are not 16:9 may appear distorted on the broadcast.

We are not responsible for any cropping or distortion if your stream does not follow these guidelines.

If you are unable to stream in 16:9 please provide as much information as possible in the "Extra Information" box and we will get back to you.

This is what we will connect to to access your stream. E.g. "rtmp://dtu-fmis.lancs.ac.uk/la1tv_live/_definst_" is ours. You can leave this blank if you do not have this information at this time.

Graphic Overlays

We will have a FreshersTV bug overlaid on the top left corner of the screen throughout the entire show and also lower thirds for each station which we will show during the first 30 seconds of each broadcast.

At several times during the show we will be showing facebook posts and tweets on a ticker at the bottom of the screen. We will not overlay this over your stations broadcast by default but if you would like this over your feed please tell us when you want it starting/stopping via the comms system during your section. Please note that it could take up to 30 seconds for the ticker to have completely animated out and we may choose not to show the ticker at all. If you are not streaming live then please let us know in the box below if you would like this over your VT.

If you will be adding any graphic overlays during your broadcast please let us know. If any of this changes in the future please e-mail us.

Please provide as much detail as possible. We will get back to you if there are any issues.

Login Details

Please create a password. This will be used to log into the control panel for the event and access our comms system. Don't forget it!

It will be encrypted with a one way hash meaning we will not be able to tell you what it is.

We are not using SSL so it is important that you don't use a password here that you use on any other website(s).

Must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one upper and lower case letter and a number.

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